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Training & Facilitating

This image is of a flipchart and in a training room representing one of our business services.We provide a variety of training and facilitating solutions for businesses.  Experienced in designing and delivering programming in change management, leadership development, personality, diversity, and a range of other topics, we can create learning customized to your business needs.  Our business services include in-person, webinars, online-based training options, micro-learning solutions, as well as other methods of delivery.  Check out more information about our text learning programming.



Employee Effectiveness

This image is of a group of employees sitting in front of a laptop, portraying employee effectiveness solutions.Conscious Choice provides consultation and design for a variety of employee effectiveness initiatives.  We specialize in succession planning, talent development, leadership development, and team building.

We also supply corporate subscription rates for our text learning program.  Contact us for more information!



Professional Coaching

This image is of a man and woman sitting across from each other with a laptop between them having a coaching session.Partnering with employees and their managers, we provide coaching  to help increase employee effectiveness in the workplace.  Drawing upon a strong understanding of leadership derailment factors, we’re able to work with managers to improve their professional practice and increase organizational results.  We also help professionals develop their peer coaching skills through our CoachingOurselves program.

Strategic Planning

Working with stakeholder groups, Conscious Choice offers strategic planning assistance.  We use our facilitation skills to help organizations develop plans to move their strategies forward.



This image indicates the owner is a certified facilitator of the CoachingOurselves training program.
CoachingOurselves has been developed by Henry Mintzberg and Phil LeNir

Certified Evaluator in:


Everything DiSC Personality Assessment System: 
The McQuaig Psychometric System        

We’ll determine the right assessment for your needs, whether for hiring, development, sales, leadership, or succession planning.


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