Text Learning

Micro-learning via Text


cellphone with picture of text message learning programWeekly personal & professional development content automatically delivered to your phone via text message.

  • no searching for passwords, websites, apps – 90% of all texts are opened within 3 minutes, meaning increased chance of participation by learners.
  • Dripped content increases learning retention and reinforcement.
  • Each module is interactive, utilizing video, polls, checklists, stats trackers, leaderboards and can be completed in less than 10 minutes!
  • Quick, engaging, and fun, increasing the chances of sustained learning engagement.
  • Focused on lasting behavioural change.
  • Participant flexibility and control over learning.  Participants can learn anytime, anywhere.  They can also pause and resume their courses whenever they want.



For Businesses:

  • Programming developed to build competencies most relevant for career development, building employee capacity for future roles.
  • Easy to access and implement – saves administrative time, decreases the learner’s time away from the work while increasing the potential of retention and application of learned concepts.
  • Create communities of practice to build social learning.
  • We can create custom content for your organization:  customer service, safety, etc. delivered to your employees’ phones.
  • Economical – at most, only $120/year per employee.


About the Program:

cellphone with text message

Making Choices that Matter contains 6 four-week long courses.  Once a course is completed, the next one automatically starts. Here’s a bit of information about each topic:

Personality & Needs: 

The more we understand ourselves, the more we can make adjustments to leverage our strengths, gain understanding of when our preferences are getting in our way, and better understand the preferences and needs of others in order to build more effective relationships.

Purpose & Values:

Understanding your purpose and values provides a sense of life direction and serves as a guide when making personal and professional decisions, leading to higher engagement and fulfilment.

Personal Accountability:

Personal accountability is about believing you’re responsible for your own actions and consequences.  It’s about having a learning mindset and striving to increase your effectiveness in work and life.


Setbacks and disappointments are common in life.  Resiliency is about the ability to bounce back from those obstacles in a way that’s constructive and leads to improved performance.

Focused Listening:

Improved listening skills promote effective relationships, increasing your ability to meet the needs and wants of your customers, co-workers, and family.

Meaningful Conversations:

Learning to have tough conversations in a way that promotes engagement and increased understanding is difficult.  Being able to engage others in an authentic manner while still maintaining relationships is a critical element in increasing personal and professional effectiveness.

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Corporate Pricing:

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< 25 corporate users $9.99/user/month  paid annually
26 – 150 corporate users $7.99/user/month  paid annually
151 – 275 corporate users $5.99/user/month  paid annually
> 276 corporate users $3.99/user/month  paid annually